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5 must-knows about skiing

Skiing – a common word used nowadays while thinking of winter holidays. Yes, you might be a good skier, you might have overcome a number of mountains, or even know some amazing freestyle skiing tricks. But, do you think that you know everything about skiing? We recommend you 5 must – knows about skiing:

  1. Skiing has a history of 5000 years. Initially it has been a mean for hunting for people in Scandinavian countries. Binding the animal bones on a leather shoe, this was an easy way to overcome snowy mountains and come home with a good prey. Wooden skies have a history of 2500 years. In the Nordic parts of the Earth, there are still nations for whom skiing is an everyday mean of transportation over and down the hills.
  2. If literally translated, the word “ski” means “split piece of wood”. It originates from the Old Norse word “skíð”.
  3. Skiing was not officially accepted as a sport until 1930s. In 1936 for the first time Alpine skiing was included in winter Olympic Games.
  4. Nowadays skiing is not just a sport to describe in one word. There are different types of skiing. Among the popular ones are: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, backcountry skiing, freestyle skiing, telemark skiing, adaptive skiing. The mentioned types differ either in equipment used or in the activities.
  5. Being originally a winter sport, skiing nowadays is practiced also indoors. In this case ski simulators or roller skis are used. Though indoor skiing is not common as a different type of skiing, but it is very useful for professional skiers to practice off-season, as well.

Though we can talk about skiing for hours, these are a few main theoretical things one should know about the wooden boards bounded on the boots, that make our way convenient through hills, keeps us healthy and gives us so much fun while practicing.